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Nov 18, 2019

McManis Family Family Vineyard Petite Sirah

In this episode, Rob, Scott, and The BBB review the truly undervalued McManis Family Vineyard Petite Sirah. Further, Rob introduces a new game called Pro v. Con where Scott and The BBB compete in a debate on random wine topics.  Can Scott show his merit and intellect, or......

Nov 14, 2019

Thomas Goss McLaren Vale Shiraz

In this episode, Rob and Scott depart on a wine journey as they review the truly powerful Thomas Goss Shiraz from McLaren Vale in Australia.  Will the power of the wine overcome Scott and make him long for wines he normally drinks (Sideshow/19 Crimes/Charles Shaw)?  We shall see...on The...

Nov 11, 2019

2008 Bodega Numanthia Termes

In this episode, Rob puts forth a challenge to Scott and Becky.  Can they identify a mystery wine which happened to be the classic Bodega Numanthia Termes from the 2008 vintage?  Will they succeed in their challenge, or will they merely be able to ID that the wine is 1. red, 2. dry, and 3....

Nov 4, 2019

Campo Viejo "Art Series" Reserva Rioja

In this episode, Rob, Scott, and Becky review a mediocre wine from Spain in Campo Viejo Art Series Reserva Rioja.  Further, in a new segment, Rob mediates a debate between Scott and Becky as they argue which is best, Columbia Valley or the Russian River Valley.  Will Scott show...

Oct 27, 2019


Cupcake Vineyards Moscato

Charles Shaw "Shaw" Organic Rose

Stella Rosa Red

In this episode the spirit and terror of Halloween is experienced, as Rob, Scott, and Becky all face their fears as they test the horrendous Cupcake Vineyards Moscato, Charles Shaw Organic Rose, and Stella Rosa Red.  Will...